Like a little kid,
Who watches the candy store,
And awaits to hold candy on its own,
Like a butterfly,
Who watches the flowers,
And awaits for it's nectar,
I am here,
Watching my phone,
Awaiting for your phone call.
Neither the store opened,
Or The flower blossomed,
Hopeless waiting,
Wishes crushed,
Dreams shattered,
Heart broken.


Haven't heard from you in a while,
Was it the words i spoke were wrong ? 
Why are you silent ? 
When I just need you to listen ? 
Silently my phone vibrates,
With a hope of listening to you,
I faintly pick up the phone call,
And answer, 
Waiting for the moment- for you to say, hey..
Instead I hear a girl voice
And I realize it's not you.
How could it be you ?
What are trying to tell me ?
That I have to live on without you?
That I should be able to live without thinking about you ?
That I should move on ?
What ever you are trying to tell me, at least say it in words..
My heart know you are ignoring me,
Let my mind know that,
And maybe, just maybe,
It would request my heart to stop
Thinking about you..
Kindly ask my heart to stop beating your name.
A moment of silence,
A moment of confusion,
My mind speaks...
My heart listen...
It still beats for you. 

Everything Changes

I never even cared to talk to you
Four months ago-
Whenever you didn't text, it didn't matter.
One month later-
Whenever you didn't text, I got angry.
Two months later -
Whenever you didn't text, I worried
Worried -if everything is okay with you.
Three months after -
Then a time came, when you didn't text, I worried that I didn't matter to you.
How could I not have crossed your mind at-least once ????
For a second ???? 
For a millisecond ????????
I wish i could ask why ! 
But I am too scared for the answer,
You are not everything I have,
I don't have to talk to you always,
I have other things to do, other than you,
Heard these before,
Tore me apart then,
Was I ready to hear them one more time? 
Maybe my ears could listen,
But the heart that expects could not hear those words,
It will break me apart.

My days were happy my nights were happier today it's been like this New moon symbol

Love..! Expectations !

i came across this website..! and i think it would be useful to many who ponders when their guy behaves this way ! 


he aparently liked me we texted everyday and on ocasion spoke on the phone all of a sudden he just stopped texting calling me or wanting to go out i am so confused what did i do what happened , at this point i just want to know …



This situation is a classic. We literally get asked about this all the time. I can’t give you a concrete answer because no one can ever know what’s going on in someone else’s head. However, it sounds to me like this guy started to get freaked out, maybe things started moving to quickly, maybe he started to feel suffocated, maybe he didn’t feel like texting you every day because that can just get downright annoying. 

How you handle his sudden distance is what will make all the difference. In the early stages of a relationship, guys will sometimes do things to test girls. If he backs away and suddenly stops calling and texting like he did, he may be doing it to see how you react. If you freak out and start demanding to know why he stopped texting and where he’s been, then he’ll know he has you and that he no longer needs to try to win you over. Or he may just see you as needy and decide he doesn’t want to deal

If you play it cool and act like you don’t even notice, then he’ll wonder why you aren’t reacting like any other girl would. Then he’ll be intrigued and will know he has to work a little harder to keep your attention. 

In the beginning of a relationship, the guy is trying to win you over. That’s why he’s texting all the time and doing these sweet things. As soon as he feels he has you, what’s the point in putting in the effort. Guys don’t like texting every day, it can be a huge nuisance. However, they’ll get over it and deal when they’re trying to woo a girl. Once they feel she’s been sufficiently wooed, then he’ll try to test her to see how far things can go and how much he can get away with (it’s only natural). 

If he can go days without calling or texting and you’re still there and ready to see him when he’s available then where’s his motivation to text you every day? If, however, he starts texting less and less and then you become less and less available to him, he’ll know he has to step up his game!

Hope all that makes sense!



credits to Sabrina Alexis

Medicine for my wounds :) Mickey !

Be #Bold … never lose like a Coward… ~~~
I tell you … Change your attitude first…
Now think that , this is the worst loss in ur life, so from now onwards you can face anythng in Life, without any fear of losing ……
See to that , you are THE BEST in every thing you do ….people must cme at the back of you , YOu dnt go back of them …..
Live life like a KING ,,,
Cuttting your hand , would cost you sme hospital charges, and sme blood …. avladha …. nothing big di :P :D :) ….
Eruma Eruma …. Do something , only if it has sme good result , else why waste time in it ? …..
Ada po pa…. Vaazhkaiya Vaazhanum(live life)… nalla Vaazhanum nu(enjoy it), yosi(think) …. looking at you ,Others must wonder …. Life eh
ivlo sandhoshama vaazha mudiyumaa nu ….( if you could live this happily)
I guess you can feel , what i am saying ….. Start Living your Life, lively..  :)
take care dear :) ….