Where are u when I need u the most…….

I am trying to take life simply but it just wont let me …So many injustice happening……

Onli to me….and the worst part is the no – 1 is supporting me …and then person who makes mi tear disappear and smile grows… is nowhere close to me….

But I knw I will be better ….as times flies by….but it is sooo hard to get through each and every obstacle I am facing….jus feels as though I will be stuck in here and no -1 will ever come to knw…..but wht am I supposed to do ? who can I go to ?? God..is who I trust …and inner voice of mi angel…is wht keeps me going thru…

Learning life the most difficult and hardest way ever…

Will anyone face thru what I am facing through..???

No… I never want this to happen to mi enemy also..bcos I, the one who has gone thru dis pain will knw how much it hurt and wouldn’t want any1 to go thru dis….


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