Regrets in mi life..:(

It is all a matter of few secs…and few mins

And in a blink of eye everything changes..

Thts how it changed mi life..

I lived as if I evry one of it ws the last…..

 And in life I knew I don’t want to live wid regrets..

but this time….i jus wish so much that it had not happened..

there is not a moment in mi life where I wish it didn’t turn out this way

Everytime I think about it..

It pricks me…and it hurts…

But now there s nothing I can do ..

After it all happened…

All I care abt is..u still care for me..

And I actually mean something to you after all this  …

I thank u everyday … 4 still being da Same ….even if the situation around us is different

Ur great…and very special to me…


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