Broken Frndship…!!

I have knw her for a year..and it was all fine and then suddenly she had this craze of …… and i told her so many times..tht…it all comes and goes….but she never seemed to listen to me…and i didn’t want to see her hurt so i cried and told her as i ran out of mi breath and explained to her..and yet still she was still after ….. this is stupidity!! at one point in mi life..i realized i cant change her ..and i have to let her go..inorder to continue on wid mi life….i would have wanted to be her frnd..if she wasnt like tht……but then i had a future on my own…and i didnt want to ruin mine thinking abt hers..and helping her..sometimes its better to let go than hold on…if it is not WORTH holding on to….i let go of her…and i dont ever want to cross her path again..she was my frnd…and now all she will evr be is a girl i knew…….not even a frnd..bcos there is saying.” tell me who ur frnds are and i will tell u abt ur character ” i dont even  want to be mentioned as her frnd..bcos ia m nothing like her..she is different..but when i used to be her frnd…i thought we both were best frnds….but then destiny and time gave me an answer taht SHE WASNT MI FRIEND IN THE FIRST PLACE….!!!


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