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Don’t pretend to be someone else just to please others. Be what you are. You are in your best form when you are what you are. When you try to be someone else, you lie. Popeye said “I am what I am and that’s all what I am “Follow this. This saying will make you a perfect person.

When we try to be in someone in disguise, we do not remain original, we act. Acting is not reality. Acting is playing other’s characters. So why to play the role of somebody else? Play your own role, your own character.

Shakespeare wrote – “the world is a big stage and each one of us incarnate to play our characters.”  And when we are done with the role, we return to backstage. That is the biggest truth. Shakespeare specifically mentioned that we take birth to play the role which god has assigned to us. Till we are playing our own role, we are a true person when we start playing someone other’s role, we become an actor who plays the roles of other people but on stage, not in their real life. In their real life they are what they are. So be what you are.

Sometimes circumstances compel us to pretend. Yes, if it is needed and it is good for yourself or for someone else, there is no harm in pretending but don’t make pretending your profession. I have come across many such personalities who can’t believe ever. They are always busy in conveying you that they are your best friends but as matter of fact they are wolves in disguise. If you meditate, you can recognize such people and can manage to keep away from them. Meditating minds can easily differentiate between a true and a false friend.

Just do one thing. Find a calm place, sit down, relax, close your eyes, take a deep breath, concentrate your mind and start recollecting memories of all those people who were always there when you needed them the most.  Find out people who requested for their help but they had one thousand excuses to make. They were never there where and when you needed them. Such people live their life happily in their eyes but are not respected much in the society. People stop depending upon them as they realize that this person is not trustworthy. One day it may also happen to them that when they are in need, there is no one to help them as it is said – “if you help less, one day you will be helpless.” As a matter of fact the selfish always suffer. The only thing is when their turn to suffer would arrive, no one knows.

Here you may ask, “Should the terrorists, thieves, corrupt people, rapists, and smugglers remain what they are, May I ask you, “What do you think the people you just referred did actually want to be like the way they are?” No. Isn’t it?? That is my answer. Either you are not in the assigned character as they have chosen or constrained to choose a wrong character. They are not the same as they wanted to be. If you are performing a wrong character, you definitely did never ever want to be playing that character. Character of an anti- social element can never be a role liked to be performed by anyone.

If you yourself are in a wrong character, you may momentarily enjoy that character, but one day you will repent why did you become that kind of a person you would never in your life want to play that character in your life ever again. To know or to find out what is right and what is wrong, ask your conscience. Your conscience, as matter of fact, the god living in you will tell you everything.

GO ahead and do what is right,

Start loving all and shun the fight,

Your goal is to be known for good deeds,

Then why to grow dispute generating seeds,

Be kind and virtuous to all,

Be it a big personality or very small,

Your good deeds will make you immortal,

Keep on making bigger your good deeds total,

Live a life which is good for you and others,

Always respect your Father, Brother, Mother, Sister,

Respect the law of the country,

Grow a better person within

Make your life a readable matter, as

Your role is to make this world from good to better.

If a person going out of the law of the society, one day the law will bring him back to live within the norms of society and of course for his come back he has to accept the punishment enforced by the law. So, this clearly indicates that if you are doing an act unacceptable to the law, you are not playing the correct character. You have to think about it. If you are on the wrong path, and you realize it, try to make yourself to follow the right path in life which will lead you to success. If you cross your barriers, you have to suffer. Mediating will help you be a better person to your family and also the society around you.


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