Is wanting enough ?

Dear God…..
I am so fed up of life…i have been wanting so much in my life….I know I cant get everything….i am not asking for a palace or for wealth know what I am asking for.and only you can give me that..more than myself ..I have so much confidence in you, and that you will be there to listen ti me… you are the only one, who listens to my cries under my pillow, in the darkness, my eyes are filled with tears..and only you can make them disappear, like my brother…All i want is happiness…. and no worries…to my brother..he has gone through enough troubles in life..and all i am asking you is, he has gone thru it more than please y don’t jus let him live happier and the make things work out for him..i really mean it he is the sweetest person in this universe…. i dont mean to be greedy, but all i want is that one FANTASY to come true..and i will do anything..jus about anything.. to make it come true.will u listen my dear GOD!!my sincere prayers…<3


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