Kanden Kadhalai

my parents always told me people  I meet in my lifeare people who you meet in a train journey, yes they are going to accompany you,but in the end when their destinantion comes they leave, but what they dont understand is peope who I meet are not like that. In the movie kandel kadhalai…if anjali never got off thetrain when shakthi got down,she would have never met the true love of her life..anjali not only changes her life but for shakthi,who was heartbroken,why anjali could have not bothered when shathki got down, why she did is a reason unexplained …so in my life people who I met are people who will either wait with me to my destinantion,or follow them to their destinatition…you have to see where life takes you..and faces the challenges that may cross your path…the movie kandenkadhalai is a movie which touched my heart and made me cry at the scenes where shakthi meets anjali wen she is heartbroken ..like when shathki was heartbrken,anjali turned his life to sunshine, and so when she is sad, he asks her “how can I leave yu” ..isn’t tht true love..y do some people nt understand that…
anjali says thank ” shathki says ” anytime”…so aren’t these two people who are completely strangers who now are the reason for one n other’s happiness…so if patens can enjoy watching movies like that,why can’t they accept that in real life..!!! Where does it bother them…when they saw in the movie..they were completely fine with it ,so how does it bother them when their own child is in tht sitaution..!!!! So hard to believe ..they won’t ever understand us, but proves us wrong and forces us to understand..??? Is this justice ???!!!?!!?


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