For a mere second , I felt a moment of happiness…but I knew my happiness would last…….yes!!!  then came the bomb of heartbreak…!!!

I was promised by many people in life that they won’t leave me,and then as time flew they also slowly flew away from me…

I told you dis before..people who I loved always moved out of my life,at one point I was so depressed I didnt wanna trust in anyone’s promise ….
but heart it plays tricky part in ur life…when your mind says u r doing something wrong,and your heart says go for it …the mind thinks practically,and worries about consequences later,,,,but heart ..all it sees is love…!!!no human kind should be hurt by u r actions..heart is very sensitive ….
So like the foolish lil lamb believed the lion.. i believed in YOU !!!
I dint know , I asked you for a promise and you told me you would stand by me,when troubles surrond me.. But what happened now??..all those promises are  broken when I hurt u …you forgot everything …

oh no.. !!!I cant take a another heartbreak in my life..I been thru so much lies ..I jus can’t anymore
I trusted u,but you fooled me.. I belived you,you tricked me…
I dont know ..who else to go and complain tooooo???!!
I have no one in dis world.. Lost
Is death better than this bitter???
I failed in life..I dont ever knw how I will get back UP..!!! Even if I do , I am ninety nine point nine % sure that I won’t be ever be the same as I used to be …
how could you do this to me ???????


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