Unbelieveable..!! Feb.26.2010 I.D <333

i was supposed go to the passport office today, but somehow it didnt work out,and i had to come to school.. iknew there was something i shuld be happy abt.. bcos it was all god’s desire..!! then i was waiting for some event to come to pass..!! during lunch wjhen i was at caf.. i saw someone who made me smile…. a year ago… when he first came to school, the first person who he talked to was me,,” mam, do yu where this locker is..” since then we became frnds… and we used to see each other in hallaway..he was there for me during lonely times… Suddenly when i galnced out side the caf.. i saw him…i was so surprised and thrilled..i was so glad to see a old frnd after a long time..

he still rmbrs me.. as i was coming up my school stairs.. i rmbered alll the old times… passing by him and seeing him in hallaways…!!! as he was talking to my ms.b, i looked back and he warmly looked bak and smiled at me.. he has not forgotten me .. he waved to me and smiled his beautiful smile…

aww old memories.. sometimes, jus a small memory of the past is well enough to light up ypur day..as i am writing this post..i am thinking ” god is great” life is miracle.. past memories are always the best..the  one where you can look back and smile.. the one you can look back… and tear up at unforgettable moments.. it great remembering good past memories.. sometimes thts all you ever neeed to ignite your life..

though i am in deep trouble, and have so much going on in my mind… all the troubles seems a lot less…. when a past memory glances up…. everything happens for a reson, if i had went to the office i would have never ever seen him…. great things can happen, if you are willing to let go of  something you desired for…..

all the memories of him just cross thru mind. and he is the reason why i am smiling now…. !!!

life can change so fast… whether it is good or bad.. take it with a postive attitude and yu will come up in  life…


a REASON to smile, thru the deepest troubles of life….!!

him 🙂 a great frnd….

silence speaks millions words than feelings..!!!

some moments jus has to be experineced to knw the real joy behind it..


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