Never gets better does it ??

i had enough of all the crap ppl are doing to me… is there anything this world tht is going to hurt me more…! so many lies told, so many fake relationship of friendship… jus when i found out that i can also be strong, there comes a big heartbreak..nothing , like literrally ever goes in my way for once…. i am really tired if being the only one who cares lot, and working to make any relationship stay longer.. i dont know, really i jus dont know why ppl chooose to do these things to me….. have i done something to deserve all this pain…

sometimes wheni feel in comfort in knowing that ” you ” are there for me.. i hear no new from you, sometime i dont even think you care about me as i much as i care for you..

am i being too worried? or is this a normal phase of a teenager…..

so many betryals in my life, since the new year.. i been with so many friends in life, one thing i know for sure, is you can never ever trust them 100%, even if you were like a fool like me to belive them , you know that u will end up hurt so much….

arghhh people and their attitudes… i helped ppl smile in times of worst and tough times, and in return they leave me crying , and tearing up….

while i am always the one who is crying and you are somewhere else enjoying… why does this always happen to me???

i dont even think what i am writing is all part of one problem.. i have so many thing going on in my life that i jus want to get everything out of mind for once, and not  matter abt being sad… bcos when i keep these things within me, i tend to lose track and cry myself and drown in my own tears of ocean….and kill myself with my worries…!!!

i havent written in here for so long, that i feel that i am overwhelmed with problems to face……., and yes i do knw problems are part of life..but when you have no one to share with and no one to console you, you would extremely feel like you are the only one who is facing problems in life….

i say to myself people change like seasons do… atleast in some case, but for mostly.. i am happy at lease you can see some new changes in life… i have gone thru enough crap that i feel that ppl change, and they use you and once their job is done with you , they jus treat you like dirt.. yes i am talking abt friends………

so many dramatic changes in life happenng so fast, finding it difficult to focus and simply lets jus say..!! living is hard.. but i havent seen onething that happened, which i should feel would still be worth it ??

when you smile, i smile wid you,

whenyou cry , i feel with you…

cross the stars, cross the sky ,

in youre arms i want to be …


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