Should i be happy or sad..??

Havent blogged in here for a while… its been 3 months i think…

time really does change things for better, and sometimes worse.

i been thru good and bad times.. lets just say that good times that i wanted to last forever.. dint go as well.. we all know like two sides of a coin, we all have good and bad days.. but what about the days, you been constantly hit with sad news fr the entire day, week, months…?? thts a lil’ too much i would say.

i been through a lot, and learned a lot from each painful lesson life or god decided to test me with…

the person who i ran when i was trouble, was no more to be found anywhere… only tears speak the words of my heart. “TRUST NO-ONE AND LOVE NOONE…” bcos u wont get hurt as much, when u stopped or dont excpet things from ppl. i dont know if i have wasted my life, feeling sorry for the sistaution they are in, or being a fool and caring a little TOOO MUCH FOR THEM.

NO MATTTER WHO THE PERSON WHO YOU LOVE SO MUCH, JUST DONT’ DEPEND ON THEM FOR ANYTHING, BCOS ONE DAY WHEN THIER LIFE IS SATISFIED, THEY WILL LEAVE YOU OFF HANGING JUST LIKE THAT… TRUST ME , TAKE MY WORDS.. I BEEN THRU, AND I DONT WANT ANYONE ELSE TO GO THRU THE SAME THING… often we do learn a lot from what happened. but when i say “it hurts a lott ” you dont even want to experience it, bcos it kills you so much….. you just cant afford to play with your heart just like tht. it will be broken, but if you continue to except… and love too dearly… it will be broken, and you cant really put back together.. the way it was before…. it never will be the same.


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