My Birthday wish fr an ANGEL :)

My dearest sweet sis,

Happy Birthday 2 my dear sister. It’s really hard 2 put into words da things I want 2 say
2 tell U just how special U are 2 me each and every day. I’m blessed with an angel; and I call her my sister and friend. Have a lovely Birthday!!! I wish U all the happiness in the world to find U and stay with U for eternity. Having a sis like U, is a PRICELESS GIFT IN DA WORLD. !I am lucky that I am your sister. On this birthday, I wish U 2 have a wonderful day filled with happiness, and surprises..!! I am so fortunate that you are born, because your birth has created a spark in my life, and ignited my days of sadness. Your sweet voice, can heal thousand wounds, your lovable character, is what I adore..!!. You’re the most loving person tiz world holds (: Though we are far apart, U are always close 2 my heart. You’re one of the best, with a pure heart of gold…You’re thoughtful and kind.. Loving you so much sister…!! Miss you loads..

Happy 18th bdai to my sweet sis ❤


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