I felt humiliated again…..a feeling I wanted to get over with….. I was surrounded by room full of people….and I was feeling so lonely, and wished at that moment that my best friend, koogie was there with me…..then I would not have felt so alone…I should have went to the same school as her….or she should have come here… at that moment even the people who m I thought were close acted like complete strangers? How do you tolerate to such acts? How? Kaisee?
OKAY…..MOVING ON…. I am falling into the same damn trap…feeling lonely, its like a cycle… once time I am up, the next time I am at the bottom…. FROM NOW ON, I will do things my way…not wait for people to do things for me. It is my life, I am going to decide it……… NO idiot can ruin my happiness or bring me down. I am going to try staying strong….
Who cares if the world is against me ? I AM so blinded by the pppl who hurt me, and put me thru shit…….i don’t see the people who love and care for me… there are few peeps in my life who are like my” buddies, who transfer and hit me back to reality” if it not for them.. I would still be dwelling on crap ppl put me through. IDON’T CARE WHO LEAVES ME. I CARE WHO LOVES ME IN TIMES OF DEEPEST TROUBLE. I know for sure that all these things will not matter to me in 10 years…so why bother crying and sinking my life in tears..!! I am going to enjoy life…exams are coming up… I will finifh it up soon…. And see my love, my country, hamara desh belu, INDIA ❤


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