Feeling beautiful :)

I recently felt so good about myself. When person’s feels beautiful on the inside will always be the most beautiful person on this universe… Earlier in my life, i had many bitter experiences where i felt so low of myself….

When you have friends who love you unconditionally, you will feel so light heart and feel even more beautiful than ever…!

It is not that i am obssed over myself… it is just that, the old stains that you used to cling to me everywhere i went is no more to been seen in my life, and i am extremely happy about this.,…. and want to announce it to the whole world that…..

There will be days when you hate yourself because you lacking something…you can do better..;.but something stops you from doing it….. its like a barrier that is your obstacle for you to achieve your full potential…its okay to feel that way….i mean it is nice memories…but in only in times like these you get  a better understanding of yourself” I have been called so many names…which were the most painful and harshest words i ever heard….but i was only able to look pass it completely to this date…. it is because time healed my wounds, and my friends made me who i am… Never try to satisfy or impress anyone in the world…because people who deserve it will know who you are….. i see him now….and think about all the words he used against to hurt me….and i think to myself… ” tht piece of junk said some things about me which i felt bad for 6 long years…. i gave value to your words when i should not have…i should have ignored and lived my life….buh i do sometimes regret taht i could have led a happier life…buh you know what these things only made me stronger…. every time you were waiting for me to fall and cry over the pain you caused….buh i am no more like tht…i don’t care what you say…i was not put into this world to impress you…your words don’t mean anything…screw that…even u don’t mean anything….!! you think if yu have some flesh and popularity you could be human…. no way….! you are nothing but a sadist…. i don’t care about you because i dont even consider you as a person….!! u r gonna hurt me with these words..i hate you…..and you’re so ugly….. hell no..!! think again dude…. look at yourself in the mirror, you may look human, but you certainly dun knw how to behave as one….! beauty comes from within….not from appearance   YOU JERK…! i cried all those years….buh i come back up higher and i will shine more than you can ever see… FOOL…! You thougth you can bring me down…..buh i only ended up coming back greater and stronger..!

Girls don’t ever let anyone tell you you are not good enough, you are not beautiful…! it is the beauty that comes within you….! never worry…and smile..! dont ever let anyone be your frown…they hurt you, dont consider them as person in your life..ignore…ignore….and be happy with your friends…be strong…. everytime he sees you high…he will fall……. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Feeling beautiful :)

  1. Nice post!

    Self empowerment is so important. Seeing life differently is empowering self. Overcoming bitter times increases our wisdom.

    Keep writing!

  2. sweetlife15 says:

    Heyyy Passionfortruth

    Thank you so much for your comment…!

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