When you stop giving attention to the one..!

It is so true..! when you stop giving attention to the people who you like, if they care and like you enough, they will surely come searching for you ! 


My french teacher in high school  is extremely so kind…! she was my teacher when i was in grade nine , and i loved her so much…! she was so so nice! she gave me great marks for the work i had put in.! she liked my bro so much ! well she never met him ! i did a presentation on him in class one day and ever since she is always amused at me for loving my brother so dearly..! 


And today when my english teacher did not come, she was the supply for the other half of the class…and out of the 30 people in class..! she waved a big “H I ” to me and i felt so special and she remembered me in her class from grade nine…and she asked me why i did not continue with french…and at that moment i wish i did ! 

it was not hard, i always scored 90 and above in french…..i do not know WHY i didnt take it ! 


If there’s one thing i recommend younger people, when like before you enter high school or after you enter…have a clear decision about what you want to do in life and be CAREFUL about what courses you take..! sometimes you wish you could have taken that course……!! no regrets..! i have some regrets in the course i took in my high school life.! 


I am telling y’all from experience, and mine might mean nothing to you, but somewhere, someone might benefit from reading this ! 


in conclusion love the people who still rmbr you after a loong time ! my french teacher i can never forget in life <3<3


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