Medicine for my wounds :) Mickey !

Be #Bold … never lose like a Coward… ~~~
I tell you … Change your attitude first…
Now think that , this is the worst loss in ur life, so from now onwards you can face anythng in Life, without any fear of losing ……
See to that , you are THE BEST in every thing you do ….people must cme at the back of you , YOu dnt go back of them …..
Live life like a KING ,,,
Cuttting your hand , would cost you sme hospital charges, and sme blood …. avladha …. nothing big di 😛 😀 🙂 ….
Eruma Eruma …. Do something , only if it has sme good result , else why waste time in it ? …..
Ada po pa…. Vaazhkaiya Vaazhanum(live life)… nalla Vaazhanum nu(enjoy it), yosi(think) …. looking at you ,Others must wonder …. Life eh
ivlo sandhoshama vaazha mudiyumaa nu ….( if you could live this happily)
I guess you can feel , what i am saying ….. Start Living your Life, lively..  🙂 …
take care dear 🙂 ….

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