I can’t believe it, things happen way too fast for me to get a grasp on. I don’t understand, how the person who was always nice to you, just stopped talking to you for some random reason that you are not even aware of. I am just fed up with people attitude towards, I want to move on, but every time when I take a new step towards my sunny days, the sadness just drops onto me like bombs.  SOMETIMES , even the person who you consider as your best friend will eave because they want to be with their old friends. Everyone wants that, but what if that one person was the one who you shared al your secrets, happiness, sadness with..? What happens when they leave you all alone..!! That when I find myself walking into the roads of loneliness.

Maybe I was wrong, in some cases, people are not always there for you when you need them… why are we so dependent on friends sometime?? All this problem at school…

MOVING ON…. Sometimes when you feel so sad, there would always be this one person, who would be there for you, and make you see the sunny side of life. But what if one day, that person starts ignoring you, decide to hang up on you over the phone, and give you the silent treatment. And avoid your calls, when you are just dying to talk to that person. If that person was there for you when you were sad, don’t I want to be there for them when they are unhappy? But in my case, yes you are not allowed to be part of it. I really don’t understand why people act like this.. Whenever he is going through pain each day, I pray to god every minute that he should be safe, that he should be happy, that he should get what he wants. But he does not want to share anything with me….. Why did I get so attached to him in the first place…?? Why did I care so much for him?? I cried for days when he got hurt, I was so worried and tensed, and when I heard that he was sick, how do you think I reacted..? I broke down into tears. He doesn’t know any of this. I was helpless, I didn’t know who to go and talk to …. Finally when I decide to give him a phone call, and ask him what is wrong, he inquired B I T A B O U T me, and when I asked him again, he was trying to put the phone down. ALL HE SAID WAS BYE.. that echo’s in my ears till now… I didn’t know what to do. Should I follow him and still talk to him or ignore him and let him go in ways…??? I can‘t and never will leave him like that, I mean I don’t know why , but I JUS CANT…..! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT..!! I don’t know… what he will think about me in the future. I don’t care what anyone thinks. If I know I am doing something right, I will do it with all my heart.


2 thoughts on “Confused……

  1. belindawilliams says:

    Actually unmaya solla pona, ennaku vanthu ippo vanthu
    enna elutharthune therilanga.

    athunala, naan nalannaikku vanthu eluthrenunga.

    appo naan kelamburenga.

    jkz man…some powerful lines ❤

  2. Belinda says:

    Seri seri aluvatha aluvatha.

    Btw I loooveee Haricharan’s voice so damn much 😦
    Random enough ?

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