Dedicated to my dearest Friend ! Mickey <3

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It does not matter how long you know a person, but it matters how much you understand that person. It does not matter how much you take, but it matters how much you show your love to one another without expecting ! These days it is very very rare to find friends who consider your happiness as theirs. These days people even misunderstand each other even when they see each other every day.

I am very very super fortunate to have found a friend like #Mickey ūüôā

But this friendship story of mine is simply beautiful, i do not know if i can do enough¬†Justice¬†by¬†putting¬†into words. They say trust takes years to build, but in our friendship it was a matter of months. We never saw each other, we never heard each other for two months, we never have met before in life, we come from the same place, but we did not live in the same country, yet a bond of friendship was ¬†magically created..! I just happen to meet him so randomly… it’s amazing..! i don’t even¬†remember¬†how we started talking, but i surely did not know that he would become my dearest best friend !

Long distance friendship will not last is what i heard many people say…! but our friendship started with long distance..! He was a stranger to me to when i first talked to him, but somehow i trusted him ! i shared my stories and my sadness with him, and he is a “JOLLY” person. Every time i talked to him, i felt this positive vibes around me, and it changed my life slightly not to worry about small things in life. He made it seem as if my worries are nothing, and he promised me that things will change soon and this issue that i am worrying about will not matter. He gave me hope, when i thought i lost it all. He never stopped listening, he never stopped caring. He never complained to me ūüôā hehe “complain/complan” LOL <— Rmbr mickey !!!

I used to save money to talk to him, and when he talks, i could listen, but did not have the chance to talk, but only type..! and when i talked for the second time, he could-nt talk, Mostly because of the time difference.!  So i talked to him today ! and he told me something that was very very sweet and it made me cry, it brought tears to my eyes, i was surprised !

He is a very jovial person who takes life so simply. He did have his harsh times in life, and he learned to look past them..he loves his friends so dearly, but he sometimes forgets their birthday and feels for it ! he gives importance to friends aLOT ! He speaks his mind, he is very frank….!

” This is what he said :

Mickey: i dnt knw why … i just always wanted you to smile, cuz in the beginning when we started talking you where almost sad , nd crying fr everythng , only thing that went in ma mind is¬†to make you smile
so i did it every day …. i forget being frank at times wheneva i talk to u.¬†only one thing gets a priority when i talk to u make u smile¬†so it automatically went away..¬†that being frank! ”

He is god’s blessing, he is the greatest gift, when he said this i realized i found the world most priceless treasures…! he changed his¬†behavior¬†around me just to make me smile ! he considered that so much ! he actually cares… a saying where, ” don’t worry there is altleast one person on the earth who thinks about you before going to sleep, there is one person who wishes to see you smile, and tries all the effort to make it happen ! i found him ! i found the one ! i found my dear friend !

The minute he said, as mickey i will always make me smile..! Our friendship goes deep beyond what these simple words can express..!

Mickey, you may be far, but you are here right beside me as my strength ! you are right here as my smile…!

Now everytime i frown, i remember him and a smile comes to my face !

Thank you Mickey, you mean a lot to me ! thanks for your honesty ! Thanks for your kindness..! thanks for your love !

He is the very reason i go to sleep with a smile, he is very reason why i wake up loving myself even more than yesterday ! he is a friend everyone will wish to have !


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