Love has no boundaries…. :)


Thirumathi Selvam is a extremely popular serial  in India and in abroad… Everyone  enjoys watching it…They watch it five days a week, that the characters have become a part of everyone’s family…..

The reason I am blogging about it here… is that recently selvam, a main character from that serial has passed away in the serial, and everyone is upset and crying….it is just a drama…but everyone related to that character as brother, friend, lover, husband…. He is an extremely lovable and friendliest person….

My mom was watching today episode, and I was in middle of my test review…and I just happen to walk by her, and saw tears in her eyes, and then I asked her “whats wrong? Why are you crying? “she said selvam died…the moment she said that I was shocked for one second, because I didn’t expect him to go away…..

From this situation, it can be very well understood that we may not known a person completely…but by the actions they have done….will definitely makes us wish we had a person in our life like that….even many time I wishes I had a brother as caring as him….he was just one unbelievably the nicest and sweetest character……

I Just wish it was dream….that he didn’t pass away in the serial…



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