Mayakkam Enna ( What is this dizziness ? )

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Director : Selvaraghavan

Music : GV Prakash Kumar

Cast : Dhanush,(Karthik Swaminathan)  Richa.G(yamini)

Chance- illa ! This movie was awesome ! It was so beautifully written n beautifully acted out by all cast n crew members…! I loved Dhanush acting ! it was so simple ! and yet it was beautiful ! Dhanush name in this movie was Karthik Swaminathan ! he was called ” genius” by his friends ! He truly was in this movie !

Dhanush wanted to become a famous wildlife photographer, and he was simply superb ! There were some parts in the movie he was just too adorable ! for example when he goes and ask his inspiration role model :Madhesh Krishnasamy to become his assistant, he acts like a puupy..! That scene showed hoe keen he was to aspire and make his dreams come to reality..! it was “awe-struck” moment for me !

When he first discovered that Madhesh has used his picture for IPC! it came in magazines..! he saw it after yamini told him to see it ! he was angry and he cried for a while, and then he went to madhesh and asked sooo politely, sir this is my picture, can you please give me credits..sir please…! and that foolish idiot madhesh ignored him and didnt even feel guilty !

Then after when karthik married yamini

After Karthik (dhanush ) gets married to yamini(richa) in the movie….  when he sees his picture in the newspaper, he again cries….and he was standing in the balcony, and he falls down..! 😦

Later he recovers but he has mental disability….gets angry too easily…does not behave normal..! His friends who was with him since childhood, some of them give up…! but his wife, yamini….the love of his life! still believes in him and supports him!

What i loved the most about the film was that in the climax, the madhesh guys also gets nominaited for international photographer..! and Karthik swaminathan wins……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He goes up to that guy and says “Thanks”

It was good movie ! i enjoyed i !

also this was the movie that dhanush first wrote his songs and sang 2 them ! ! simply simple ! and amazing ! 


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