Sad truth of life………:(

We are more than friends… unquestionably! best buddies ever…We are comfort zones for each other… goes without saying! I come rushing to you with my stories and you come rushing to me with your wounds! Absolutely! I adjust with your moods, your circumstances and share your tales… of course! However, of late, When I am hurt and bleeding in my heart and search for your comforting presence, I find your absence more pronounced from my life You are visibly gone when I need you the most… My calls are unreturned, and my mails are not being responded to… My messages must be thrown into the recycle bin and my contact details must have been crumbled out of existence! Suddenly you are back out of nowhere! You come back at your own sweet leisurely time and tell me belated stories on your prolonged absence! You come back to me when you need me and only when you need to share your sad stories and bad days with me, seeking comfort and happiness from me! You choose when to come back and I had always accepted you back with no questions asked! Nevertheless, I feel hurt and insulted by your behavior… I feel that you take advantage of my soft feelings for you! I want you to understand that all the caring and bonding between two people should be mutual and not for the convenience of one person at the cost of the other! Though I am fond of you and though, I am thinking of you all the time… I live with myself 24 hours a day! Period. I eat for myself and sleep for myself I walk with myself in the mornings and take myself for a cup of coffee in the evenings I hang around with myself and visit the libraries and bookshops I browse through the malls and enrich myself with the readings I think for myself and express myself to the others I work for myself and earn for myself Hence, despite all my love and caring for you By the end of the day, my self-respect is what counts for me!

So, the next time around, when you meet some one who really cares for you, give something worthwhile back to them than your absolute selfishness!


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