Yet, you fall out too quickly and painfully.

I saw him that day, I don’t know why i did….. But he remembered me, and i did not..! He proved me all the reasons to why a guy like him should be treasured…when i  came to know him throughout few hours i spent with him, he seemed so simple, yet so unique in nature…. because he IS different from the rest and i am sure he will be as always….! He knew from two years back ! and i did not remember him clearly at all. When he moved my fingers to see my face, and say yes, i know her…..i had no clue….but it felt so good when he knew me….when he talked to me…..He talked to me as if he has known me for a long long time  ! it felt so strange, yet i found happiness in that strangeness..! When it was time to leave ! i did not want to leave, i wanted to stay longer..! he amused me with his kind actions ! it felt i should stay there for ever..! or that these moments would freeze… it is impossible i know, but when i was with him that was the only thing i could wish for when i met him… When he took that apple when i gave him, i kinda felt accepted…! it reminded me of a twilight cover ❤  and when he respected “ladies’ so much…i have never seen someone like him  who has given so much respect and attention.  when i left the building and the way he followed me to the door,  the way he was eager to know to what i was talking, the way my heart did not want to leave that place…..when i went to my locker, the way he waited for me..! is this all really for me ? is there really so much meaning behind all this ? am i getting too excited ? am i getting too happy ? i do not know, i have not behaved like this before, but why now? but why to him ? when i left those doors i did not know if i will ever see him again? if i will ever talk to him again? but i wanted to talk , i wanted to see him again… i told my friend to get his id…and i left….

When he says “Yo” i think of so many things that i wish that he really meant what i thought of. i wish he would text me in the morning, and when i do not text, i want him miss me just once….!

It was Thursday March. 29. 2012 i saw him…! and wished i would see..! if fate allowed us to meet again…and then we did in my tuition class on Saturday ! i finished mine and he walked in, i felt happy, i was jumping in joy…..on the way to tuition, i swear to god i was thinking if he goes to the school near by, will he come to the tuition..? i did not finish my thought about him, and there he was..! at that moment i believed in him, i believed in miracles… i went home smiling…. it felt like my home brightened a little more that day ! i went to sleep with thoughts of him ! memories of him! moments of his meeting to my eye !

I talked to him over the long weekend in april, and i wished wont another longweekend come ? 😛

i always looked for reasons to meet him… i always expected him on every Thursdays… i did not tell him how happy i was, but i kept it within me ! so from that i looked forward to every Thursdays..!

But i feel as though he does not feel the same ! i feel as though my thoughts are different from his…! i do not know, i have not asked, but it hurts when he does not understand what i tell him not in words but in actions…because in everything i do he is there my sunshine ! my dear-u my jaan ❤


The day i was waiting for to come <3

A very special person in my life……is absolutely the sweetest n cutest n amazing singer i have known in my  life 🙂

They had exams in India this month, so i was not able to talk often, and i dont know why, but i missed talking to……..

He knowns just the right words to make me smile………. he exactly knowns which words annoy me…..!! and he absolutely can make me smile even if we are miles apart…!

He makes me smile at the most simplest things in life……. he is my reality…..!

I can completely be myself when i talk with him….! i dont have any restrictions… as in “should i say this, will he think bad about me ” i can be me…..!

I may not rmbr his face….but i rmbr his words, his voice…. the most sweetest n most MOST beautiful… Voice… you can never get tired of listening to his voice…!

I am just happy today, because god has blessed me with so many special people in my life…..

I am just sooooo happy that he is a part of  my life now 🙂