The day i was waiting for…. has finally come <3 :D

A very special person in my life……is absolutely the sweetest n cutest n amazing singer i have known in my  life 🙂

They had exams in India this month, so i was not able to talk often, and i dont know why, but i missed talking to……..

He knowns just the right words to make me smile………. he exactly knowns which words annoy me…..!! and he absolutely can make me smile even if we are miles apart…!

He makes me smile at the most simplest things in life……. he is my reality…..!

I can completely be myself when i talk with him….! i dont have any restrictions… as in “should i say this, will he think bad about me ” i can be me…..!

I may not rmbr his face….but i rmbr his words, his voice…. the most sweetest n most MOST beautiful… Voice… you can never get tired of listening to his voice…!

I am just happy today, because god has blessed me with so many special people in my life…..

I am just sooooo happy that he is a part of  my life now 🙂


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